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Roxy Especial: Reviews

"Roxy is an amazing teacher! I always knew that I loved to sing but was so afraid to sing in front of anyone. She really helped boost my confidence.
Her bubbly personality and fun sense of humor make her so easy to work with. I got a great understanding of proper breathing, microphone techniques, warm ups, phrasing, harmonies, how to emotionally interpret a lyric, and (this was a big one for me) how to get out my head and just sing! 
Roxy’'s prices are very reasonable. She’'s also very flexible with my schedule. If you’'re looking to be a professional singer or just want to learn how to sing comfortably in front of loved ones, I sincerely recommend Roxy Trotter!!"

Jennifer Mayo (Oct 5, 2016)

"Your (Roxy's) music is beautiful"

Edward James Olmos

"Roxy is the best singing teacher out there! She has taught my teen for four years. Roxy has amazing knowledge of music and a special magic for connecting with students. She also works with groups and has helped arrange countless songs for events. Professional, talented and fun, she has turned my daughter into a wonderful singer! We highly recommend Roxy, and if you a want a real treat, ask her to sing for you too!"

Jeannie Hayden (Jul 21, 2016)

"Roxy Especial was a refreshing surprise…They focus on songwriting rather than flash…Roxy’s strong vocals shine throughout… I use them every chance I get …the new album Roxy Especial is deep with hits that spice up any scene. I'm looking for big things out of this album in the very near future.”

Music supervisor - Joe Fischer

"Besides her amazing talent as a musician, her passion and her intuition allows her to deeply understand each student and help him/her find their own voice. Its the most beautiful thing to watch. My daughter would easily give up any of her activities, BUT singing with Roxy. Roxy will bring out every ounce of talent and passion that she will find in your child and the children will never feel more empowered and proud. I have witnessed this with a lot of her students, not just my daughter."

Katja Emcke (May 7, 2016)

“Contagious. Rhythmic. . . the kind of music that puts you in a good mood.”

Top 40-previous host, CEO Rhythm Radio - Shadoe Stevens, American

“Great Latin fusion. . . awesome artist. . .awesome band.”

Independent Music Writer - Mick McDougal

"decidedly upbeat, footloose and fun, the baker's dozen tracks on this polished debut... steadily maintain a sense of class and style... Roxy arrives with her honey-and-cinnamon voice..." For the entire article click on the link below...