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Roxy Especial: News

Upcoming dates at the Bel Air - February 1, 2018

Stay tuned for dates soon to come at the Bel Air Hotel!

Roxy at the Bel Air Hotel! - November 15, 2017

Come and join Roxy at the luxurious Bel Air Hotel lounge where you can eat amazing food by Wolfgang Puck and the soothing jazz and Latin jazz sounds of Roxy and her trio! No cover! 

Roxy sings at the very cool Las Perlas Bar in Downtown - October 4, 2017

Roxy had a blast performing with her hubby Jamieson and the amazing Ron Blake (Green Day, Poncho Sanchez) on trumpet!  More shows here coming up soon so stay tuned!!!

Still Some Private Singing Slots Open! - September 4, 2016

Roxy is enjoying kicking off the new school year by reminding everyone that she still has some open slots for private singing lessons at her home studio.  Roxy specializes in working with children as she focuses on the foundational skills of proper singing techniques as well as style and performance development.  The big plus in Roxy's lessons is the access to using a professional recording studio where students can learn about the art of singing for recording.  Students love being able to record the songs they've studied and it's a wonderful way to document what they've learned. Go to the Contacts page to contact Roxy for more info.

Summer wedding gigs for Roxy - August 1, 2016

Hey there's nothing bad about being a wedding singer when you can make people dance! Roxy is enjoying sharing that special day with salsa and vintage Latin tunes galore! And yes she always sneaks in those modern songs with a Latin twist!

Roxy at Salvage Bar in Downtown - June 16, 2016

Come out and have drink with Roxy and her two favorite people in the world Jamieson Trotter and Nate La Pointe while they serve up a show for you entitled "Moorpark 2001". As roomies back in the day they'll take you on a journey of all the bands they played with at that time. Roxy will her Latin and swing mix, Jamieson will share some Nica's Dream with special guest Vincent Slade and Nate will bring the Cubensis love. And all three will bring the Roxy and her Chucos spice!

A Duo Album with Hubby? - April 10, 2015

Much to Roxy's delight she has begun writing a duo album with her hubby Jamieson. It's a no-holds barred event when it comes to song topics and musical genres and they plan on breaking lots of rules which will surely deliver a unique but maybe weird set of songs. One thing for sure though is that it will be chalk full of love!!!

And Roxy's back at Vicky's! - February 15, 2015

Roxy is delighted to be back at Vick's in Palm Springs for a jazzy afternoon of her special blend of Latin and jazz. 

Roxy heats up in Palm Springs! - June 1, 2014

With her hubby Jamieson, Roxy will enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the famed Vicky's of Santa Fe with a Latin Jazz extravaganza!

Roxy Sings at the Barkley! - March 14, 2014

Roxy will be re-uniting with her original Latin-swing band at the Barkley for a rare treat for the public!  

Roxy's on Jango - September, 2013

If you have Jango you might just hear Roxy's song "Luna" pop up!  It's exciting to see all of the people around the world who are listening to the song.  Modern technology - Que fancy!

Roxy does cabaret! - August, 2013

Well Roxy pushed some fears aside about doing a very exposed 3-song set at an intimate show at the Mbar in Hollywood.  She ended up loving it and she even received a great little review for it. It's about 3/4 of the way down the page here at Cabaret Scenes Review

Writing and singing and musicals oh my! - June 1, 2013

Well Roxy and her writing team have written 8 songs for their musical!  Onward and onward!

On another note, gigs just seem to be popping up for Roxy (she just did an extremely fun duo gig with Jamieson at a private event at Loyola Marymount University)  so she's brewing up some possible future shows for public viewing! 

Broadway musicals!!! - January 10, 2013

Roxy's fulfilling a secret fantasy by working on two, yes two musicals in the works!!!

She is co-writing one with her husband and another fantastic writing partner and they are loving it!

The second musical is one that is very hush hush, and she's on the ground floor of the production and is helping create the sizzle reel which will then to pitched to someone up on high.  Exciting stuff!

Roxy's Children's Album Soon to be Released - September 1, 2012

We're all awaiting the release date for the 20 song children's album which Roxy and Jamieson produced and recorded.  The concept behind this album was to produce quality children's music with cultural richness and diversity and also make it palatable for the ears of adults (if you're a parent, boy you know what we're talking about!) Roxy had to sing in 5 languages, including Swahili and Hebrew!  She also had to walk the fine line between engaging the kids with energy but not being too cheesy - a tough line to walk.  Check out a couple samples on the music page...

Roxy Records a Children's Album! - February 16, 2012

Ever since Roxy became a mommy she's been wanting to record a children's album.  She and her husband Jamieson were recently hired by a company called "Mommy Americana" to produce, sing on, and record a 20 song children's record in 5 languages!  If you know Jamo and Roxy you know it's not going to be the run-of-the-mill kid's record!  Oh yah and it's going to be an app too!  Stay tuned for the release date and other info!

Happy New Year with Roxy recording new songs - January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!  Roxy is busy starting the new year by compiling about three album's worth of new material and songs with her producer/husband Jamieson Trotter.  She's plotting to release several of the new songs on itunes within the next few months.

Roxy and Her Chucos play at Palate - December 12, 2011

Roxy and her Chucos played at an amazing sold out crowd at Palate Food and Wine in Glendale.  Chef Octavio Becerra designed a special menu with incredible Latin flavors, and bartender extraordinaire Josh created handcrafted cocktails!  Stay tuned for another show soon at Palate!

Roxy and her Chucos Playing at the Beautiful Supper Club, "First and Hope" in Downtown LA! - November 20, 2010

It's official! Roxy and Her Chucos Suaves will be playing at First and Hope on December 3rd, at 10pm. There will be a $10 "Sound Bite" which means that you get entry to the show as well as a tasty morsel of some kind.  Some sort of amazing specialty drink will be created for the evening so stay tuned for more details about that.  Get a taste of that Roxy and Her Chucos Suaves "Vintage Latin" sound on the music page...

Roxy is available for bookings! - November 1, 2010

Roxy is enjoying playing with several different configurations of her band:

Roxy and her Chucos Suaves - "Latin Swing" - a swing band playing swing with a Latin twist - a 7-9 piece band complete with horns, or a smaller 2-4 piece more laid back mix of swing, standards, and ballads. 

Roxy Especial - Introspective, yet Funky mix of original music with Latin and pop flavors - a 5-8 piece band.

Popiachi - An un-tradiitonal "mariachi" group playing pop,rock tunes in the soulful mariachi style of Mexico -also mixing it up with some more traditional mariachi favorites - 3 -5 piece band

Check out Los Popiachi - February 1, 2010

Roxy, her husband Jamieson, and best friend Nate LaPointe have just finished recording three of their "Popiachi" songs - pop/rock tunes done in a Mariachi style. Check out the music section to hear a cumbia version of "Sweet Child of Mine" - it's pretty fun....more to come!

Roxy and Jamieson Get a Honda commercial! - December, 2009

Roxy and Jamieson are very excited to have written the music for a national Honda holiday spot! Jamo's on piano as well, and he created the arrangement (Roxy came up with the jingle bells at the end!) and we recorded the whole thing at our studio at Luna Records.  Click on this link to check out what else Roxy and Jamo are doing for film and tv -

Roxy's Writing her New Album - October 12, 2009

Roxy is in the throws of writing her new album, "Drinking Songs for the 21st Century". Inspired by some delicious cocktails, her newest tune is titled, "You Make Me Want to Drink (but in a good way)". Stay tuned for more...

Roxy's Hubby's New Solo Album! - August 18, 2009

Roxy is thrilled that her husband Jamieson Trotter has finished mastering his solo debut album at Capitol Records!!! The album has been long awaited by friends and fans so stay tuned for news about the CD Release party! The new CD "One Time Out of Ten" features all original compositions written by Jamieson and his collaborators, Roxy, Sabrina Sosa De Brer (Roxy's sis), and great friend Tim Campbell. Jamo also has only the best musicians on this EARTH on this record! STAY TUNED!

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