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Roxy Especial: Music

Roxy Especial - Roxy's Flagship Band

Luna - was placed on the Showtime series "Resurrection Blvd"

Do You Like? - also placed on "Resurrection Blvd"

Little By Little

Roxy and her Chucos Suaves - Roxy's Latin Swing Band

Puttin on the Moves

(Roxy and Her Chucos Suaves)

Sleepy Girl

Medley- Live at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom

(Roxy and Chucos Suaves)

You Can't Stop Me

Los Popiachi - Pop songs done in "Mariachi" style

Sweet Child of Mine

(Los Popiachi)
Gun's N Roses

Time After Time

Roxy's New Children's Album

Row Row Row Your Boat

(Roxy for Mommy Americana)

Hush Little Baby

(Roxy for Mommy Americana)

Cucu Rana

(Roxy for Mommy Americana)

Maua Mazuri

(Roxy for Mommy Americana)

Mommy Precious

(Roxy for Mommy Americana)

Drinking Songs for the 21st Century - Roxy's album in the works

The Drink Song

(Roxy Especial)
Music and lyrics by Roxy and Jamieson Trotter, and Sabrina SosaDeBrer