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Roxy Especial: Roxy's Story

Roxy's story

When I was six, my best friend and I used to stand on my coffee table “stage” in the living room and pretend we were singing on stage with Tony Orlando, resplendent with choreography and enthusiastically loud vocals. We then graduated to being Sony and Cher, and I was Cher of course. When our show would end, we would dramatically raise our bent arms and slowly bring them inward to cover our faces as if they were curtains. As my mom (who had witnessed about two thousand of these “shows”) sat in the “audience”, did she have any doubt that I would become a singer or performer? No. In fact, My mom gets credit for reminding me of my passion, when one evening I cried into my physics book before a final (I was pre-med at UCLA for 2 years) and she asked me “What are you doing? You’re going to be a singer, so just graduate with whatever major, so you can finish college and then go be a singer”. Pretty cool mom. Two years later it was my sister who had to smack me in the face with “So what’s the deal, are you ever going to get off your ass and become a singer?” Ouch sis, but I needed it. Fear is that common enemy that so many of us share isn’t it? So I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway (I think I might have to pay someone for using that phrase). I took part in the crazy yet exhilarating L.A. club circuit which I did for 6 years starting in 1998 (wow I’m dating myself). Those days started with my Latin swing band “Roxy and her Chucos” which then morphed into “Roxy Especial”. At that time I described the music as “a fusion of funk, latin, and pop all mixed into a strong and tasty cocktail for your drinking (and dancing) pleasure”(I took that from an old bio) In that whirlwind of performing at some of the hottest spots in LA I had a blast and met my now husband Jamieson…oooh that’s not cliché: chick singer hooks up with her piano player!!! In 2005 I started delving deeper into my writing (I also co-write most of my songs with my hubby and sis) and began working on an album I want to call “Unenlightened”. I love exploring my “issues” in this somewhat dark yet kinda pretty and introspective collection of works which I shelved for a time. I then became pregnant, and ironically at a time when I didn’t drink any liquor, I thought it would be fun to write an album of drinking songs. Go figure. We’re still working on that one, but believe me, I can drink now so it’ll get finished. Since my little guy was born, I’ve been teaching choir and giving voice lessons, my husband and I have continued to gig as free-lance musicians, and we’ve also dipped our feet into writing music for placement in film and tv. My biggest challenge so far: the director of a movie requested that we write a song for a training montage that sounds like “Eye of the Tiger” but starts with the words “Once Upon a Time” . Oh ya, and the song had to be about a little tree. Hey, we did it and the director loved it. Stay tuned for when you can hear it. So what now? A new chapter my friends. I’ve got that performing itch again (and there’s no ointment for that one) and I'm performing with Roxy and her Chucos, as well as other local bands. I’m also back to my guitar writing about the dark and wild sorts of things only mothers know about, while my little boy accompanies me on his drum kit. Watch out Paul, I might have a new drummer.