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Roxy Especial: Home


Welcome to my happy place! Where imaginary cocktails are overflowing and music surrounds us and puts us in a good mood! Not too bad except for the imaginary part. Enjoy my friends!

Summer wedding gigs for Roxy - August 1, 2015

Hey there's nothing bad about being a wedding singer when you can make people dance! Roxy is enjoying sharing that special day with salsa and vintage Latin tunes galore! And yes she always sneaks in those modern songs with a Latin twist!

Roxy at Salvage Bar in Downtown - June 16, 2015

Come out and have drink with Roxy and her two favorite people in the world Jamieson Trotter and Nate La Pointe while they serve up a show for you entitled "Moorpark 2001". As roomies back in the day they'll take you on a journey of all the bands they played with at that time. Roxy will her Latin and swing mix, Jamieson will share some Nica's Dream with special guest Vincent Slade and Nate will bring the Cubensis love. And all three will bring the Roxy and her Chucos spice!

A Duo Album with Hubby? - April 10, 2015

Much to Roxy's delight she has begun writing a duo album with her hubby Jamieson. It's a no-holds barred event when it comes to song topics and musical genres and they plan on breaking lots of rules which will surely deliver a unique but maybe weird set of songs. One thing for sure though is that it will be chalk full of love!!!

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